About Dr. Brigid Crowe

Witness. Guide. Physician. Friend.

Dr. Brigid Crowe Naturopathic Doctor Ashland, OR

I’m Dr. Brigid Crowe, Naturopathic Primary Care Physician and founder of Wild Fern Natural Health. I can relate to the hopelessness and fear that come with unanswered questions and the frustration of short term suppression of symptoms. I understand how challenging it is to feel worn down, exhausted and defeated by poor health. I also know the freedom that is available when the root cause is uncovered and optimal health is achieved.

After a career in chemical engineering, I decided to go to medical school because I experienced a number of health problems that resolved only with the help of naturopathic medicine. I fell in love with how simple, intuitive and effective naturopathic medicine really is after working to heal my own lifelong chronic health issues. I was inspired to learn all I could about the body’s ability to heal and strengthen naturally.

I get it. I discovered first hand what health care is supposed to be and I couldn’t wait to learn more and create a practice that delivered actual health care. As soon as my own health was stable, I rearranged my life and moved to Portland for five challenging and rewarding years of medical school.

Originally from a potato farming community in Northern Maine, I have traveled the world (often solo, with at least one instrument) and have lived in all corners of the US. Still, I have called the Rogue Valley home for over 15 years, so returning to my extensive and supportive community in Ashland was the dream. Following medical school, a combination of luck, magic and hard work led my husband, son and I back, to create our life in Ashland. This welcoming, receptive, conscious and vital community provided the healthiest terrain for me to sow the seeds of my practice and watch it grow.

My practice is unique – just like me. Office visits are spacious because I take the time to listen and understand. I’m not satisfied with the status quo. In shifting the way we view health care, my goal is to understand your complete health picture and create action plans that are customized, realistic and effective. To be clear, I treat people – not symptoms. I provide health care – not sick care.

I use my strong science background to study and apply the most current evidence-based research to your specific needs. I also use energetic and mind-body medicine including breath work, meditation, visualization, homeopathy, and flower essences. I guess you could say I’m a little bit country, and a little bit rock n’ roll. The art of my job is knowing which of these tools to use and when. I work hard for my patients and expect them to do the same for themselves.

I do my best to walk my talk. Like most working mothers, I work hard to create time for self-care, fun, and balance in my life. To maintain and sustain the energy required to care for my family and my patients each day, it is paramount. Therefore, when I’m not practicing medicine, I can be found listening to live music, playing my fiddle or mandolin, biking with my son, growing my family’s food and spending time in the forests of Southern Oregon. I’ve dedicated my life to my own health and well being and I can’t wait to share all I’ve learned with you. Let’s get started.

I will be your partner in creating the health you’ve always dreamed of. I’m ready.  Are you?