Meet Jasmine

Clinic Manager. Problem Solver. Partner.

Jasmin - Clinic Manager Wild Fern Natural Health

I’m Jasmine—the Clinic Manager and the first person you’ll meet when you visit the clinic. I keep things running smoothly, managing the office, taking care of scheduling, charts, labs, and kits, and helping patients like you over the phone as needed. I also oversee the apothecary and fill your supplement orders so that Dr. Brigid can focus on taking care of you. Being in a workplace committed to optimal health is inspiring and I love working behind the scenes knowing I am supporting the well-being of so many.

If you have questions for Dr. Brigid, I’ll always do what I can to find the fastest way to pass along a message. I can help get you on the schedule for an acute visit, and I can also put you on the waiting list if her schedule is full, so don’t hesitate to ask. Attention to detail is my thing, so I’ll always make sure you’re well cared for and that nothing falls through the cracks.

As a child, I grew up between the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains and the big city of San Francisco. I moved to Ashland from Hawaii with my husband in 2016 and have benefited from the wisdom of natural medicine since I was a teenager. I appreciate the way the naturopathic perspective takes a person’s whole life experience into consideration on the journey to wellness.

I’ve had a wide variety of work experience, weaving my skills and interests through my life in a fulfilling way. I’ve been a chef and a yoga teacher, owned an eco-cleaning business, and prior to joining Wild Fern Natural Health, I kept the front desk of a local eye care center ticking like a clock. I am impressed by Dr. Brigid’s commitment to the health and well-being of our patients and proud to be of service in this vibrant, positive, fast-paced environment.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey to optimal health.