What can I expect from follow up visits after establishing care?

Initially, you may see Dr. Crowe more frequently, while she gets to know you, reviews labwork and crafts treatment plans that work with your lifestyle.  Once you have done the initial work-up and are getting some traction with your health, the physician will ideally see you 4 times each year, once each season, to assess progress, address new concerns, modify treatment plans, and develop long-term prevention plans.  These visits can range in length from 30 to 75 minutes depending on complexity, number of labs reviewed, and the amount of patient education required.

What is Dr. Brigid’s approach? What can I expect by establishing care?

Dr. Crowe’s care is individualized. However, her approach is consistent. 90 minutes will be devoted to you during your first visit with her. She will certainly focus on hearing your story, identifying and prioritizing areas of concern, performing physical exam if indicated, and truly understanding your lifestyle and health picture to inform a thoughtful and effective treatment plan.

Once she has a clear idea of additional information she would like, Dr. Crowe frequently orders lab work at this time to identify deficiencies and excesses, reduce inflammatory contributors and to begin to establish a truly robust foundation of health. Depending on what you and the physician decide together, you can usually expect to return to our clinic a few weeks later to review results and receive fine-tuned individualized direction for next steps.