We devote 90 minutes to get to know you, identify areas of concern, understand your unique health picture, and strategize next steps.

  • 90 minutes of complete focus on you and your health
  • Welcome Packet including:
    • Foundational Health Habits
    • Simple Dietary Guidelines
    • Access to Patient Partner Area of Website
    • Access to Virtual Apothecary
    • Discount cards for in-house massage, local trusted practitioners, organic food delivery service and more
    • Monthly Newsletter subscription with clinic news, notification of specials & discounts, recipes, articles and more
  • Customized Treatment Plan
  • Educational material specific to your health
  • Lab Order for screening blood work panel, specific for your age, gender and health picture, where appropriate
  • Lab Order for food sensitivity, where appropriate
  • Recommended supplement list for your age, gender and health picture
  • Focus on Prevention, prioritize areas of concern & convey naturopathic philosophy
  • Take a thorough medical history and get a clear understanding of your current health picture and lifestyle
  • Assess vitalistic health markers
  • Perform necessary physical exams and/or order lab work or imaging as indicated
  • Provide clear treatment plan and instructions for the next steps of your path to wellness


Upon Receipt of your Inquiry Form, we will call you. An initial appointment will be secured for you with your deposit for the visit. We will send you all necessary forms, directions and reminders to start your Holistic Discovery Process on the right foot!


We want this to be a win-win! We are excited and inspired to work with individuals and families that value health, appreciate the care we provide and are ready to take charge of their wellness.

Are you Ready and Willing? Fill out this Inquiry Form.


Are we a good fit for you? Is this the care you are looking for?

What should I bring with me for the initial appointment? Should I bring chart notes, lab reports, etc. from my previous doctors?

The most important thing to bring with you is a completed copy of our intake forms.

If you do have medical results from the past 2 years that you’d like to share with Dr. Crowe, you can bring them to your visit, or you can email them to info@WildFernNaturalHealth.com. Please do limit yourself to chart notes and medical results only from the past two years. A complete and thorough medical history will be discussed through your intake forms and with the physician during your visit. If she needs additional records, she will let you know at that time.

Can Dr. Brigid refill my prescriptions?

Perhaps. Dr. Brigid can fill prescriptions, but these are filled on an as-necessary basis, which is a conversation between you and the physician. However, there are certain controlled substances that Dr. Brigid chooses not to prescribe.

Will my insurance cover Naturopathic care?

Many insurance carriers cover naturopathic services. Call the number on the back of your insurance card to determine if your plan covers out-of-network naturopathic physicians and, if so, at what percentage.

Do you Take ___ Insurance?

While we do not bill insurance companies directly, we are happy to provide a copy of your Superbill containing visit and diagnostic codes which YOU can submit to your insurance carrier for potential reimbursement. Every policy is different, so if you’re unsure of your coverage we suggest contacting your provider. Not billing insurance allows Dr. Brigid to schedule patient appointments of sufficient length and to spend more time researching, analyzing, working on client cases, and therefore providing the quality of healthcare that you deserve.

What can I expect from follow up visits after establishing care?

Initially, you may see Dr. Crowe more frequently, while she gets to know you, reviews labwork and crafts treatment plans that work with your lifestyle.  Once you have done the initial work-up and are getting some traction with your health, the physician will ideally see you 4 times each year, once each season, to assess progress, address new concerns, modify treatment plans, and develop long-term prevention plans.  These visits can range in length from 30 to 75 minutes depending on complexity, number of labs reviewed, and the amount of patient education required.

What is Dr. Brigid’s approach? What can I expect by establishing care?

Dr. Crowe’s care is individualized. However, her approach is consistent. 90 minutes will be devoted to you during your first visit with her. She will certainly focus on hearing your story, identifying and prioritizing areas of concern, performing physical exam if indicated, and truly understanding your lifestyle and health picture to inform a thoughtful and effective treatment plan.

Once she has a clear idea of additional information she would like, Dr. Crowe frequently orders lab work at this time to identify deficiencies and excesses, reduce inflammatory contributors and to begin to establish a truly robust foundation of health. Depending on what you and the physician decide together, you can usually expect to return to our clinic a few weeks later to review results and receive fine-tuned individualized direction for next steps.