Satisfied Patients

Discovering new paths to vitality

Dr. Brigid was able to discover the cause(s) of my family’s health issues that we have been suffering from for years.  I have recommended her to friends and family.  She made the process enjoyable.  I am very grateful for her expertise to help us feel good, finally

“I’ve only been with Dr. Crowe a few months, but already she has done more to help me than any doctor I’ve ever seen in my life!  Already I am experiencing tangible differences in my health for the better and I’m looking forward to the future now.  Dr. Crowe is firm yet kind and clearly cares about my well-being and enjoys what she is doing.  She is extremely knowledgeable and I trust her to continue my health care and am excited to keep going!”

“Empowered, motivated and hopeful. That’s how I feel walking out of an appointment with my naturopath Dr. Brigid Crowe. I am a healthy person, with very few physical complaints, but Brigid has helped me uncover some sneaky symptoms that other practitioners have missed and I am excited at the prospect of being very much in charge of my long term health and well being. Brigid’s teamwork approach takes my budget, lifestyle and daily habits into account when putting together realistic health plans that I will actually follow…for real. I am so grateful to have Brigid’s knowledge and experience on my side.”

“Dr. Crowe has provided consistent support and information to help relieve a years-long chronic and sometimes very acute health concern. After seeing a number of doctors and undergoing inconclusive tests some years ago I was discouraged, without much hope, and with recurring pain.  The last time my condition became acute, I was unable to sleep, in near constant pain, and unsure of where to turn.  Greatly reluctant to make a trip to the emergency room, I made an appointment to see Dr. Crowe. Her wonderful office staff graciously accommodated squeezing me into the schedule.

Dr. Crowe listened carefully, inquisitively ruled out possibilities, affirmed my concerns, and provided great diagnostics.  I was reassured that she would be a positive advocate for my health. I remained out of the hospital and Dr. Crowe has capably and confidently assisted my healing process. My discomfort and discouragement have turned into relief. Dr. Crowe is warm, smart, kind and caring. I am grateful to her and unhesitatingly recommend her for primary care.”

“I spent three completely frustrating years in poor health and visits to my primary care physician did nothing to alleviate my symptoms.  I was stuck in a system where the doctor would spend very little time with me personally and a quick diagnosis was all that mattered because the next patient appointment was 15 minutes after mine.  This led to being constantly misdiagnosed.  I was frustrated and anxious over the prospect of living this way indefinitely.  Very depressing.

I was referred by a friend to Dr. Brigid Crowe, ND and after our initial appointment, I felt like a positive turn in my life was happening.  The most important change took place at our first consultation….she listened.  We spoke for over an hour instead of the few minutes I was used to.  She asked questions that were specific to my complaints but I could see she was interested in my overall day to day health as well.  I was shown how factors in my life I thought were unconnected to my illness (if not the root cause) were actually exacerbating it.  If there were points that I felt were important to touch upon I was given the time to speak at length about them.

Through the guidance of Dr. Crowe I received the appropriate tests needed to confirm a proper diagnosis and once confirmed I was given a protocol suited to me personally.  I finally am on the road to well being.  I am not concerned with the previous three years of ill health and mistreatment.  I am simply content and happy that I found my way to the office of Dr. Crowe.”

“I began receiving the support of Dr. Brigid four years ago. She was a life-line for me during a most challenging time, and has become a dearly trusted resource for my well-being. She has my very best interests at the heart of each appointment. Following her professional recommendations has rewarded me with several decreases to my thyroid medication, and has brought my Hashimoto’s number into near normal range. Now, we’re working on my area of greatest challenge – exercise. As I write this testimonial, I can proudly report, I walked 3 3/4 miles in 50 minutes this morning, and yes, Dr. Brigid, I FINALLY did the 7-minute work-out you’ve been encouraging me to do, and laughed all the way through while my trembling muscles let me know how happy they were to be paid attention to! If you want to receive the medicine of laughter during your consultations, if you want clear and concise direction toward greater well-being, and if you want support from someone who is both knowledgable AND compassionate, I wholeheartedly recommend beautiful, delightful Dr. Brigid Crowe!”

“Dr. Brigid is a wonderful doctor.  She is a great listener and practitioner.  I have only one regret and that is I wish I had started seeing Dr. Crowe 10 years earlier!  Her treatments have been very effective and I now feel great.  I particularly like the generous amount of time per visit she allows while she gives me a chance to talk about all that is going on with me.  She is extremely caring.”

“Our community is so lucky to have such a caring and talented woman! She has been instrumental in helping me understand two years’ worth of testing, explaining any further testing, and finding me an endocrine specialist!”

“It is such a pleasure to have Dr. Brigid as my physician.  I feel secure in knowing the Dr. Brigid focuses on my health and well-being; pinpointing the core cause, not just treating a symptom.  A tripled triglyceride count did not find me leaving with a prescription for cholesterol, but instead lead to the discovery that I had inflammation, diminished to no stomach acid, a struggling gut flora, parasites and compromised adrenals!  While following the guidelines of food sensitivity test results, the debilitating pain in my knuckles ceased, I regained my waistline, my tummy flattened, and my energy has increased along with my sense of well-being.  Could it possibly be that my posture conveys a more confident me?  All of these are benefits of my initial visit because Dr. Brigid was considering my whole body health.  In 3 short months, I have literally bounced back.  I highly recommend working with Dr. Brigid and discovering what her expertise has to offer you.”

“There are moments in your life when you know you got it right.  You step into something and it just clicks, and you sigh, congratulate yourself on finding the right path this once, and then move forward.  That’s how it has been for me working with Dr. Crowe.  THIS is how medicine should be practiced.  That, loud and clear, is what my inner wisdom tells me every time I walk into this office.  Smiles, humor, connection, caring questions, time to discuss what needs to be discussed and an approach to healing based on the intelligence of our own bodies, on our own proactive lifestyle choices and help from the well-studied hand of the doctor.  I believe in her knowledge and council, I truly believe in her approach to medicine, and I simply feel better just for walking into this office full of good energy.  Plus, I get a $5 discount if I ride my bike!”

“Dr. Brigid is the first practitioner I have encountered in my long journey back to health that validates me and takes my health issues seriously.  Dr. Brigid’s approach is refreshing and gives me hope that I may someday be well again.  She is intuitive and compassionate, and I believe, wise beyond her years.  With her guidance and support, I am hopeful and expecting to turn my health around.”

“I came to see Dr. Brigid Crowe for help treating my psoriasis. After 20 years of suffering with this disease, I was resigned that nothing could help. Through my work with Brigid, not only has my skin cleared up significantly after a few short months, she has also gently guided me to a healthier lifestyle. As a result, I am now enjoying the best health of my life. Brigid has a highly intuitive, easygoing manner, yet she takes a firm stand for her patients and their health. I am so grateful to have found Brigid and would recommend her to anyone looking for naturopathic care.”

“My approach to my overall health has completely changed since the first time I met with Brigid Crowe. Now, I consider how my everyday actions affect my physical and mental wellbeing, as well as that of my family. From the food I prepare to my exercise routine and even career goals, my outlook has changed from hopeless to forward-looking.

Brigid is very confident, attentive and caring. She always follows up with answers to my questions quickly, often times with independent research. I am comfortable speaking honestly about my ailments and goals and I feel very fortunate that Brigid is with me every step of the way.”

“It was fantastic to have a doctor that really listened and viewed me and my concerns in a holistic manner. She asked important questions, and addressed my concerns with recommendations that would work for me; not cookie cutter answers. I highly recommend her.”

“I had come to believe that my chronic digestive problems would be with me always, but Dr. Crowe’s ability to address underlying issues has put me on the road to recovery. Her empathy for my concerns and her straightforward manner inspired confidence in the treatment plans she prescribed. As a result, I am feeling better than I ever thought I would.”

“Before working with Dr. Brigid, my experience with physicians was almost always the same: I was rushed in and out, billed without upfront knowledge of the costs I was incurring, and left feeling not very clear about what action I should take. Dr. Brigid always gives me a clear idea of what I will be spending and gives me choices to help me prioritize the available treatments. As an uninsured patient, this is very valuable as I always have to plan and budget for expenses.

And, because she really takes the time to help me understand my whole health picture, I feel truly cared for by an expert. For example, Dr. Brigid reviewed labs done elsewhere and took the time to explain what they meant to me in the short term and what the long term ramifications would be if I did not address specific issues. I left her office clear about both how I needed to care for myself and why––which helps me maintain the action plans she so clearly laid out! I look forward to continuing to work with Dr. Brigid, and continuing to benefit from the empowerment I feel to create my own optimum health.”

“I could never return to exclusive traditional healthcare. I have experienced transformational change while under Dr. Brigid Crowe’s proactive, wholistic approach.”

“I am halfway through a yearlong intensive protocol with Dr. Crowe and the results are already dramatic. My memory recall and ability to problem solve and quickly interpret situations around me have not only improved, but are better than they’ve been in 10+ years. My recent blood panel showed dramatically better results across all facets. I can tell because I feel SO much better. I have lost 15 pounds of water weight/inflammation. I had been unable to lose that weight despite five years of actively trying.

Dr. Crowe is diligent, thorough, and methodical in her approach towards creating personalized health protocols. The results have been so marked in a relatively short time that I am continually fueled to keep at it.

Lastly, Dr. Crowe has become a friend and cheerleader for me; celebrating my victories and helping me stay focused for this multi-legged distance race. I have been dealing with health issues since my early 20s and for the first time in my life, I not only feel like someone actually has a CLEAR picture of what my challenges are (and how to fix them), but I am FINALLY seeing the results that I nearly stopped daring to dream for. If you are looking for making real change in your health, I can’t recommend Dr. Crowe enough.“

“I’ve had atrial fibrillation for 15 years. After working with Dr. Crowe for some time, I have been able to get off a few of my prescription medications. I have fewer palpitations, experience a-fib less often and less severely. Sometimes I even forget I have this condition. I feel like my life has been given back to me. I really appreciate Dr. Crowe’s dedication to her patients and that she cares enough to even give the hard truth when it is needed.”

“The Clinic Manager for Wild Fern Natural Health is a combination of keeper of the Apothecary and of patient records, bills and appointments. Her knowledge and efficiency are amazing and her warmth welcomes all who come in”

“Dr. Brigid Crowe has worked with me to find improvements I could make to my life to bring my body and mind more into balance. The allergies that I have suffered my whole life no longer flare up every season and I feel more empowered and in control of my health.”

“Dr. Crowe is such a pleasure to work with! She is very knowledgeable, and worked with me to help pinpoint some chronic health issues that had gone undiagnosed from past doctors. She is easy to talk with, compassionate and is an advocate for my health and well-being. I highly recommend her!”

“Dr. Brigid has had such a positive impact my health and that of my family. Her approach goes so much deeper than just addressing the symptoms. We dug deep and uncovered many interesting inbalances and with her careful guidance have restored balance in so many ways. My son is having little to no reaction to allergies this year after years of suffering (and only a year ago, his previous doctor told us he’d likely have to be on Zyrtec for the rest of his life). It has been a truly life-changing experience to work with her!”

“Dr. Crowe is a superb listener, a careful user of medical tests and their results and someone who encourages and patiently follows patient progress over time. After a year of working with Dr. Crowe, I am well on the way to reaching health goals that seemed unfeasible when we began. Both energy and disposition are better as well!”

“Dr. Crowe has identified causes of my health issues that so many doctors could not. She has helped me regain my health by natural methods, and test results confirm real progress. Angela and Dr. Crowe are an ideal, effective team. They are professional, holistic, competent, insightful, and caring. They truly want their patients to thrive. I am very grateful to feel so much better now!”

“My god she has cured my gut imbalances!!! I can’t even begin to say what a difference I feel in my day to day eating habits. I no longer crave something sweet after every meal. My stomach tells me when to stop eating instead of my brain, I FEEL full instead of just proportioning a meal! There was so much mental power and control around meals for me, and now I can just listen to my body’s signals instead. My god what a difference I am feeling!! I will never ever be able to thank her enough for putting me back in touch with my own body, I am eternally grateful and just over the moon excited about the future. Thank you thank you thank you for the wonderful work you do, I can’t say it enough.”

“I’m so grateful for Dr. Brigid Crowe! Not only am I feeling better, I know I’m better cuz the numbers show it! Her care has that personal touch as well as professional know how. She has given me more than any medical person has! An absolute blessing!”

“I don’t quite consider myself elderly, but I have seen many doctors in my time. I knew in the first few minutes with Dr. Brigid Crowe that she’s a different kind of doctor – one that will actually spend time thoughtfully listening to what’s going on with me. And one that will answer my many questions. For the first time, I started looking forward to seeing my doctor.

This was about a year ago, and a month after I landed myself in the in the hospital with a bacterial infection and signs of sepsis. After 8 days of IV antibiotics I finally got out. The bacteria was gone thankfully, but I was weaker than I have ever been in my life. I could barely stand.

Dr. Crowe set a course of treatment that restored my strength and got me back to feeling many years younger, way better than before. She opts toward holistic treatment, which is fine with me, focusing on whole body wellness rather than treating symptoms. I am ever thankful for this help to become well again, and highly recommend her.”

“Dr. Brigid Crowe has been an amazing provider. She listens and cares. She goes above and beyond. I have several autoimmune health issues and we’ve been tackling them one-by-one. She is also amazing at for acute care! I had a wicked ear infection and I should have called her sooner! Less than 12 hours later I was already feeling better. Now when I’m sick I think to myself, ‘What would Dr. Brigid do?'”

“I can’t recommend any more highly Wild Fern Natural Health, Dr. Brigid Crowe, and her office manager. Dr. Crowe’s depth of knowledge and easy way of translating the complex systems of the body into an easy action plan for me has been instrumental in my improved health and well being. Angie is always helpful, friendly, prompt, and thorough with Apothecary help and her knowledge of policies and practices. I feel super well taken care of and grateful to have their support.”

From day one, she jumped in right away and was able to help me. She knew what I was going through and I was very amazed at her expertise and her warm and caring persona! It was a relief! “She really cares!” was instantly what I was overcome by with Dr. Brigid! I feel like I’ve been reborn since I started my personalized health plan. I am active and have been able to enjoy my life, even the small simple daily activities I gave up on are manageable again! I been able to get a daily routine set up and I look forward to day to day life. My symptoms have dramatically dropped and are more manageable. It’s been 6 months since I first saw Dr. Brigid and words cannot express my gratitude at how grateful I am to her! Thank you so much for helping get my life back!